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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unemployment Blues

am in that very predicament of having to choose to advance my nursing career, but feel pressured to change career directions altogether. Being recently laid off after a almost cushy 2 years of State employment, I now have been tossed back into the mix of "the unemployed". Feeling displaced and unsought here where I live and earned my degree, I am one of the many nurses who are struggling to get a solid job/career to carry me thru my next 25 years. As our college churns out the nurses and people hanging desperately onto the jobs they currently have, gives no room for the ones who have been "let go". I have researched numerous avenues like returning to school, but for what? An advanced degree, a change in career all together, delved into the idea of returning to military service only met with unflattering rejection. Too old, not enough education, hypothyroid or borderline diabetic forget it, might as well had my arms amputated! The feeling of being so unwanted, useless and incapable raises its ugly head at me. How does one stay positive, directed, focused and driven to keep the faith? Single parent, reduced to a 1/3rd of my previous 77K annual income with no relief in sight. Is this what I went to college for? Is this the rainbow of nursing careers that was promised to the college freshman? How do you decipher which college or continuing educational facility is the "best" they all claim to be, but offer minimal to no aide in time of crisis. For those seeking the glorious nursing life on the islands....forget it...doesn't exist. That left with the tide years ago. Now, I look to becoming certified in something, anything, because employers want even more proof you know what you are doing, that you actually can well known software programs etc. So for now the "quick fix" is just that....seeking the quickest way to prove myself before i drown for this sinking ship. So in the end, how would I help a new student out there from suffering the same? Can't promise jobs, but I can tell you that I would recommend an advanced degree, with all the certifications you can muster behind your name. God speed, keep the faith and aim high my friends!

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